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Pompeo rolls over Tiahrt

POLITICO - Tue, 08/05/2014 - 10:59pm
Pompeo spent big and had the support of the Club for Growth and the PAC of Koch Industries.
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US military officials ID officer killed in Afghanistan as Maj. Gen. Harold J. Greene

FOX News - Tue, 08/05/2014 - 10:16pm
U.S. officials identified the general killed in Afghanistan on Tuesday as Maj. Gen. Harold J. Greene, who became the highest-ranking U.S. military officer killed in combat since 1970.
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Samsung, Apple to drop all lawsuits outside US

CNBC - Tue, 08/05/2014 - 10:10pm
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Putin Urges Economic Retaliation for Sanctions Over Ukraine Conflict

The New York Times - Tue, 08/05/2014 - 9:51pm
The Russian president said that the measures were necessary to protect manufacturers of consumer goods in his country.

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Trott topples Bentivolio in Mich. race

POLITICO - Tue, 08/05/2014 - 9:47pm
His success is a boon for the GOP establishment and a victory over the tea party.
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Grocery Chain Reels as Employees and Customers Rally for an Ousted President

The New York Times - Tue, 08/05/2014 - 9:38pm
A family dispute has complicated negotiations for the sale of the New England supermarket chain Market Basket.

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News Analysis: In Virginia Graft Case, Cognac and Golf Trips Aren’t Smoking Guns

The New York Times - Tue, 08/05/2014 - 9:22pm
The trial of former Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife is raising the question of whether they simply received gifts from a businessman or were part of a scheme to arrange official favors.

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N.C.A.A. May Let Its Top Conferences Play by Their Own Rules

The New York Times - Tue, 08/05/2014 - 9:21pm
The powerhouses of college sports are expected to gain preliminary approval to break away from some of the strictures of the N.C.A.A., which would give them more freedom to govern themselves and could allow athletes a share of the wealth.
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Feds: Banks' 'living wills' no good

POLITICO - Tue, 08/05/2014 - 9:19pm
Their plans "demonstrate little ability to cope adequately with failure," according to officials.
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Senator Denounces Redactions of Report on C.I.A. Detention Program

The New York Times - Tue, 08/05/2014 - 9:14pm
Senator Dianne Feinstein, the chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, pledged to fight for more of the report to be declassified, saying the redactions obscure its conclusions.
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Sprint abandoning bid for T-Mobile

CNBC - Tue, 08/05/2014 - 9:00pm
Sprint is abandoning its pursuit of T-Mobile as the regulatory challenges of the deal are too steep.
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Looking for love in Iowa

POLITICO - Tue, 08/05/2014 - 8:59pm
Republican hopefuls are heading to corn country. But are voters looking for something new?
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What a Turkey!

POLITICO - Tue, 08/05/2014 - 8:59pm
Opinion: One has to wonder if the Turkish prime minister has lost his head.
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Who you calling a grifter?

POLITICO - Tue, 08/05/2014 - 8:59pm
Opinion: Methinks Steve LaTourette doth project too much.
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San Antonio Spurs hire Becky Hammon as assistant coach

CNN - Tue, 08/05/2014 - 8:56pm
In what many sports fans view as a historic move, the reigning NBA champion San Antonio Spurs announced the hiring of Becky Hammon as assistant coach. Terms of Hammon's contract were not disclosed.
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Afghan Kills U.S. General; Others Injured

The New York Times - Tue, 08/05/2014 - 8:50pm
An Afghan soldier killed Maj. Gen. Harold J. Greene, who appeared to be the highest-ranking member of the American military to die in hostilities overseas since the Vietnam War.
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US general killed in Afghanistan assassination was engineer

FOX News - Tue, 08/05/2014 - 8:35pm
Harold J. Greene, the two-star Army general who on Tuesday became the highest-ranking U.S. military officer to be killed in either of America's post-9/11 wars, was an engineer who rose through the ranks as an expert in developing and fielding the Army's war materiel. He was on his first deployment to a war zone.
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As U.S. Speeds the Path to Deportation, Distress Fills New Family Detention Centers

The New York Times - Tue, 08/05/2014 - 8:27pm
Officials have shifted to a strategy of deterrence, employing family detention centers and a fast track for deportation to discourage Central Americans from heading for the border.

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Jesse Steinfeld, surgeon general who was forced out of office during Nixon years, dies at 87

FOX News - Tue, 08/05/2014 - 8:23pm
Jesse Steinfeld, who became the first surgeon general ever forced out of office by the president after campaigning against the dangers of smoking during the Richard Nixon era, has died in Southern California.
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Fla. man gets life for throwing baby from car

FOX News - Tue, 08/05/2014 - 8:20pm
A Florida man convicted of killing a 3-month-old boy by tossing the infant out of a moving vehicle has been sentenced to life in prison.
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