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Jay Carney to Amazon

POLITICO - 11 hours 26 min ago
He will join the e-commerce giant as senior vice president for Worldwide Corporate Affairs.
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Police fired 17 times at Mexican orchard worker in Washington shooting

CNN - 11 hours 32 min ago
Seventeen times. That's how many shots police in Pasco, Washington, fired at Antonio Zambrano-Montes when they killed him after he allegedly hurled rocks at them. Of those, five or six rounds struck the former orchard worker, according to the investigative team looking into the incident.
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Lawsuit: Purina food harms dogs

CNN - 11 hours 36 min ago
Beneful dry dog food produced by Nestle Purina PetCare has "resulted in serious illness and death of thousands of dogs," a lawsuit says.
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New Cosby accuser: 'Do you remember me?'

CNN - 11 hours 36 min ago
Heidi Thomas says she has held a secret for 30 years. Now, for the first time, she wants to be heard.
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US recovery story is a fraud: SocGen bear

CNBC - 11 hours 36 min ago
Societe Generale's notoriously bearish strategist, Albert Edwards, has poured scorn on the belief that the U.S. economy is recovering.
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Boston Marathon bombing trial set to begin

CNN - 11 hours 37 min ago
The death penalty trial of accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev -- long delayed by painstaking jury selection, crippling snowstorms and last-ditch appeals to move the case someplace else -- finally is scheduled to begin here next week.
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Airline warns pilots after series of cockpit errors

CNN - 11 hours 39 min ago
United Airlines has issued a stern warning to its pilots after mistakes in the cockpit put passenger planes in potential danger.
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Where's the alleged smoking gun in Aaron Hernandez case?

CNN - 11 hours 42 min ago
Was it the alleged smoking gun?
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Consumer price index falls 0.7% in January

CNBC - 11 hours 46 min ago
Consumer prices dropped in January as gas prices continued to fall, which could give a cautious Fed ammunition to keep interest rates low a bit longer.
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Jobless claims rise more than expected

CNBC - 11 hours 46 min ago
More Americans sought unemployment aid last week, though the number of applications was still consistent with steady hiring.
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How to ground a plane. Ninja knives and pecan pie

CNN - 11 hours 46 min ago
The Transportation Security Administration confiscates some weird items.
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Baby's body found in Northern California

CNN - 11 hours 48 min ago
Hours after a mother turned up without her baby, an infant's body found amid "rough terrain" in Northern California, authorities say.
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Yoga guru accused of sex assault, rape

CNN - 11 hours 50 min ago
To his legions of fans, Bikram Choudhury has an almost other-world quality. The yoga guru inspires as he promises to heal body and mind.
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Drones cost $28,000 for one arrest

CNN - 11 hours 51 min ago
They are sleek, mostly silent converted weapons of war: Drones used by the Border Patrol to scan the skies in the empty deserts of the Southwest to spot illegal immigrants and then, if things work out, have agents arrest them. That's the idea, and the agents who use them say the drones give them a vantage point they never had before.
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3 stocks to weather a selloff

CNBC - 11 hours 58 min ago
New York trader Steve Grasso has a funny feeling about the market and tells you what you should do about it.
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The bear case for US growth: O'Neill

CNBC - 12 hours 10 min ago
The U.S. may not be as strong as investors think because it is growing overly dependent on the consumer for economic growth, Jim O'Neill tells CNBC.
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Russia and Cyprus getting cozy again

CNBC - 12 hours 19 min ago
The rapprochement comes less than two years after their relationship soured during Cyprus's banking system collapse.
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Obama attacks Boehner on immigration reform

POLITICO - 12 hours 23 min ago
President Barack Obama is calling out John Boehner for not bringing comprehensive immigration reform up for a vote in the House last year.
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Chico's cuts jobs, to shut stores

CNBC - 12 hours 28 min ago
The women's apparel retailer said Thursday it had cut jobs and will close about 120 stores by 2017.
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What is net neutrality anyway?

CNBC - 12 hours 44 min ago
CNBC's Morgan Brennan takes to the streets of New York City to find out what Americans know about net neutrality.
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