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Demographic Shift: A Lot of Places Resemble Ferguson, Statistically

The New York Times - 13 hours 40 min ago
The demographic shift undergone by the troubled St. Louis suburb is mirrored in communities across the eastern half of the country.

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BofA seeks to void 'Hustle' case verdict

CNBC - 13 hours 41 min ago
Bank of America asked a federal judge to throw out a verdict finding it liable for fraud over defective mortgages sold by its Countrywide unit.
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Scarborough: 'President has a plan'

POLITICO - 13 hours 43 min ago
The MSNBC host says Obama's comments about ISIL may have been "strategic."
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The week in 36 photos

CNN - 13 hours 47 min ago
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Pence 'grateful' for David Koch, AFP

POLITICO - 13 hours 51 min ago
He enjoys support in the brothers' political network.
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For bonds, it’s not about the Fed

CNBC - 14 hours 3 min ago
It used to be common knowledge that bonds only cared about the Fed. Where did that trade go wrong?
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New York City in hyper-speed

CNN - 14 hours 7 min ago
Taking Instagram's new time-lapse app for a spin through the streets of New York City.
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USC football player caught in a lie

CNN - 14 hours 8 min ago
USC football player Josh Shaw has admitted to lying about his original story about how his ankle was sprained.
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Euro zone inflation hits 5-year low; ECB action eyed

CNBC - 14 hours 10 min ago
Euro zone inflation continued to fall in August, boosting expectations that the ECB will try bolster the region's economy by announcing more stimulus.
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Bank group: No 'significant' cyberattack

CNBC - 14 hours 13 min ago
An influential U.S. financial services industry group is downplaying concerns about possible breaches at JPMorgan Chase and other banks.
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Fort Hood shooter wants to be ISIS citizen

CNN - 14 hours 16 min ago
The Army psychiatrist who killed 13 people at Fort Hood has written a letter to the leader of ISIS, asking to become a citizen of the Islamic State's caliphate, his attorney said Thursday.
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Lawsuit slams Ferguson police

CNN - 14 hours 17 min ago
In a $40 million federal lawsuit, five people arrested recently in Ferguson, Missouri, accuse police of using "wanton and excessive force" and treating U.S. citizens "as if they were war combatants."
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Audio captured at time of Michael Brown shooting, company says

CNN - 14 hours 21 min ago
A company behind the video messaging service that allegedly captured audio of Michael Brown's shooting this month said Thursday the recording was created at about the time Brown was killed.
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Joan Rivers hospitalized after cardiac arrest

CNN - 14 hours 22 min ago
Joan Rivers was rushed to the hospital after she stopped breathing, a source confirms to CNN.
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Andy Harris' wife dies 'unexpectedly'

POLITICO - 14 hours 31 min ago
Cookie Harris is remembered as a strong presence at the statehouse in Annapolis.
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Save a horse, be a cowboy

CNN - 14 hours 32 min ago
Luxury Nevada ranch doubles as preserve for wild mustangs.
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Plan to avoid Argentina-style spats unveiled

CNBC - 14 hours 35 min ago
Financial institutions have joined forces to propose a new framework that aims to negate complicated disputes such as the fight over Argentina's default.
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Smith top candidate for US's tech chief

CNBC - 14 hours 37 min ago
Google exec Megan Smith is a top candidate for the role of the U.S.'s chief technology officer, Bloomberg reported.
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Rising (Maxine) Waters

POLITICO - 15 hours 28 min ago
She has gone from the scourge of Big Business to a sympathetic ally for corporate America.
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How Shiller is signaling upside for S&P

CNBC - 16 hours 31 min ago
One research firm has detailed how Yale professor Robert Shiller's own economic indicator could actually be signaling a strong period ahead for equities.
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